Order of The Canons Regular of The Holy Cross (ORC))

Founding Year & Place 1131 ,Coimbra (Portugal)
Pontificial Status in 1135
Charism ove, honour and serve God after the model of the Angels and Apostles.
Ministries Reteat Preaching, Parish Ministry, Teaching
Superior General Fr. Joachim Welz
General Councillors Fr. William Wagner, Fr. Peter Tauschek, Fr. Nathanael Thanner
Finance Officer Fr. Wilfred Hochdorfer
Secretary Fr. Anton Schmadel
Address ORDO Canonicorum Regularium Sanctae Crucis, Curia Generalatia, Via Cassale Vecchio Di Aguzzano 85, 1- 00317 Roma, Italia.
Phone 0039-06-82003261
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0484-2532018, 2544122

Mar Thoma Bhavan Kaipadamugal 682 021  1981