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Parish : Akaparambu
Established Year: 2013
Contact Address : Snehitha Short stay for women and children Kariyad
country: india

Snehitha (Short stay home for women &Children)

Considering the need & demand of the present complicated society as well as the security of women and children seemed to be in a great crisis, so we the (CMC Marian Hospice & Charitable Trust) sisters designed to start a Short Stay Home. By the grace of God we received the registration on August -7th 2013 from the Board of Control for orphanages & other charitable Homes Kerala state. We are planning to accommodate women as well as children who are completely abandoned from their family and who are under the stress of serious life problem. As a safe stay we are ready to take care of them till their problem are solved to a certain extent (a maximum of 3 months period). Sr.Mariet is in charge of this short stay home. We will give counseling, entertainment programme and several other activities to relief from their problem. We can accommodate 25 persons at a time.

We have two recognized institutions (Marian Hospice palliative care unit and Snehitha short stay home) under the Board of Control for orphanages & other charitable Homes Kerala state. Besides that we started one dress collection and distribution centre named SEVANA, and SAMRUDHY plant Nursery. As a part of our short stay home we arranged one dress collection centre & one plant nursery. Inorder to get relief from their mental stress we are giving them opportunity to earn something from the plant nursery. They themselves managing the activities of this plant nursery as well as the dress collection centre.

Advisory committee Members

Mr. Eldho                 - Ward member

Mr. JayaPrasad    - Nedumbassery SI

Mrs. Tissy                 -Advocate in High Court

Mrs. Suly Sing           - Social Worker

Mrs. Sheeba Ameer   - Founder of Solace Charitable Institution

Mrs. Cicily                 - Home Science Collage Professor

Mr. Thomas S            - Social Worker